Programmers who can create new websites or web applications that can easily run on the web development are Web developers. A web developer is a person who is in charge of the programming code that commands websites to operate properly.

Many of us are unaware of the field of web development where different types of web developer exist. They are differentiated based on their skills. Generally, these people are working for web development, each of them are working to accomplish their tasks.

Web developers use different types of programming languages, and the latest technologies added to the web when they manage, evaluate, analyze and finally implement a website along with its promotional strategy

They also have to make sure that the sites always meet users’ beliefs by making the websites look trendy, well manageable, and easy to access.

Duties of a web developer

Always need to produce a well-oriented, testable, efficient code, using best software development practices.

  • They are responsible for maintaining the complete outlook of the sites.

Types of web development

  1. Front-end web development.
  2. Full-stack development.
  3. Backend development.

There are different types of web development tools

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Bootstrap, Visual Studio Co, React, Sublime Text, Angular JS, jQuery, Google Chrome, Sass, etc.

A web developer needs to consider the web designs, which generally depend upon the page’s content – be it Static or Dynamic.

So, all the web developer needs to do daily is –

  • Meet new clients and discuss the websites and what applications they need. 
  • Execute and draft a proper code.

However, there are some advantages and disadvantages of web development-

  • A well-made creative website can set an identity.
  • Increase of sales in case of small business.


  • Web issues.
  • Insecure- chances of getting hacked.
  • Unavailability of apps in the play store; some apps can’t control the system.

There are some benefits of being a web developer; those are 

  • It’s a highly-paid job.
  • Web developers can work independently.
  • They can work from home /office.
  • Brings out the best (creativity, coding knowledge).
  • It’s a secure job for the future.