Cross Stance Waterproof Golf baby trousers are some serious baby trousers at a really competitive price. I love these waterproof golf baby trousers and have been using them for a while now not only in the rain but also to keep the wind out in this unusually cool spring weather that we have been having and they have held up really well.

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Cross Stance Waterproof Golf Baby trousers

Cross use a technology they call FTX on their waterproof golf baby boy trousers. This is a membrane that combines extreme waterproofness with excellent breath ability at the same time. I will vouch for this they keep you dry from the outside and let your legs brave so you stay dry from the inside as well. Going in to a little more detail the FTX Technology is a membrane that is full of little holes or pores if you like that are so small that while letting out the perspiration you produce as your body temperature increases why walking around the golf course. These holes are so small though that they are much smaller than the smallest drop of rain. So as not to let any moisture creep in from the elements you are playing in making the cross stance a great pair of Waterproof Golf baby trousers.

The FTX technology from Cross also enables great comfort and makes sure that your swing is not impeded in any way giving you great freedom of movement.

For adjustment and making sure the Cross stance are a good fit you have studs and a zip. You also have belt loops which some manufacturers seem to leave off but i always think they do not add much to the manufacturing costs but are such a great help to the wearer to aid in a good fit. Also to aid the fit around the waist is Velcro tabs for fine adjustment and the waist is also elasticated.

All the pockets are very water tight and i have only had the minutest bit of water come in through the pockets and that has been in weather when truly i wish i was doing anything else but playing golf. I don’t mind a bit of inclement weather but a couple of the rounds i played in this spring well they were not just April showers they were downright torrents of rain making the course water logged and just about impossible to grip your club properly.

A feature i like about the Cross Stance Waterproof Golf baby blue trousers is the pre shaped knees. These make it so you don’t get any tension on the baby trousers when you are both walking and addressing the ball. It is little points like this that makes the game so much enjoyable.

With long leg openings as well so that the Cross stance are super easy to get in and out of make these waterproof golf baby trousers a great buy for the money conscious golfer who is looking for functionality at an affordable price. Well that’s about it if you look around you can pick these Cross stances up for about £50 or so which for what you get is a great buy.