Dubai is the hub of economic activity of UAE. Known as the gateway of ambition, Dubai is a city that offers opportunities to people all across the globe worldwide. With so much activity going on in the city of Dubai, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that every day millions of people from every corner of the world come to Dubai for various purposes and may require Legal Translation Dubai services to bridge communication barriers.

Be it related to business, a better lifestyle or better job opportunities, Dubai is the answer to a lot of people worldwide. This means that huge fractions of the people residing in Dubai are foreigners. While this is a wonderful opportunity for the locals as well as foreigners in Dubai to experience a diverse culture, it does create communication barriers.

The local language of Dubai as well as most of UAE, is Arabic, whereas most of the foreigners coming to Dubai are only fluent in English. This creates language barriers between the locals and foreigners and can be a cause of hurdles, especially when dealings of legal importance are happening between the two groups.  To avoid such hurdles, there are legal translation services that work to translate any kind of document that holds any legal value, such as a birth certificate, business contract, etcetera, from Arabic to English or vice versa.

However, since legal translation is a very sensitive job and so many companies are present in Dubai that provide this service, it is very important that one must know everything about the task of legal translation before hiring a legal translation company. This will help avoid any embarrassing situations in the future that may occur if you invest in the wrong legal translation service.

Qualities of a Good Legal Translation Dubai service

  • In-depth background knowledge of the legal system

Translating legal documents requires more than just the fluency of a language in a translator. It is very important that the legal service you decide on hiring consists of translators that have thorough knowledge about the legal system and its workings.

This includes a full understanding of all the workings of various legal cases as well as the ability to work and be able to contribute in multiples niches of the legal industry. Lastly, the legal translators of the service should also be knowledgeable about the various requirements of the attorney and expectations of a courtroom.

In addition to having sufficient legal knowledge, it is also important that the legal translator should be well aware of the laws of Dubai and also the country belonging to the language the translator is translating a legal document into.

This means having specialized knowledge of two countries about various legal systems such as criminal laws, state statutes, civil laws, federal statutes, etcetera.


When it comes to legal translation, experience plays a key role. This is because the task performed by legal translation Dubai services is very demanding and can only be handled by professionals and technique that only comes with experience.

Experience allows the legal translators to educate themselves on how to practically apply their linguistic and legal knowledge practically. This minimizes the chances of errors and makes their work far more accurate.

A well-experienced legal translator will also be able to handle the stress and pressure that comes with the task of legal translation that may come off as too much for an amateur translator with minimal experience.

  • Writing Skills

When talking about translation services having excellent writing skills as a requirement for the translator shouldn’t come off as any surprise. It is very crucial that you pay attention to this quality while searching for a legal translation service.

  • A firm hold on the language

A legal translator should be well aware of the script, vocabulary and grammar of both Arabic as well as the other language in which the legal document is getting translated up to the level of a native speaker. He should be able to properly differentiate between tones, expressions and meaning of the sentences of the document to avoid any errors.

Moreover, one should also pay attention to the legal vocabulary or the legislature of the translator. This is because a firm hold of both the linguistic as well as legal vocabulary is needed to accurately translate a document of legal value from Arabic into another language or vice versa.

  • Accuracy

This is perhaps the most important quality to consider when hiring legal translation services. The aim of every legal translator is to provide the translation of a document in the most accurate way without changing the overall meaning of the document.

To maintain accuracy, it is crucial to make sure that the questions and statements discussed in the document are relayed in the translated document in exactly the same manner with the same tone and meaning as they had been in the original document.

One must also consider the aftereffects that come with compromising on accuracy when it comes to legal translation. A single misplaced comma or a mistranslated word has the ability to fully change the meaning of the document, which can lead to serious legal consequences. Therefore, high priority should be given to the accuracy of a legal translation service while hiring.

  • Resourceful

Investing in a legal translation service that is well equipped with its resources can be extremely beneficial. Tools such as lawyers to talk to for answers to certain queries, legal dictionaries, corpus software, legal articles, database, etcetera can help produce a translated legal document that is not only accurate but also authentic.

  • Reliability and Responsiveness

The work of legal translation never comes without any deadlines. Therefore always make sure to invest in legal translation Dubai services that are reliable and have the ability to work on short notices.

This is especially important because one cannot just ignore the deadlines provided by the court. Missed due dates can result in harsh consequences ranging anywhere from high court fees to denied appeals.