Professional legal translation requires high-quality, professional knowledge for translators. Sufficient legal vocabulary and terminology reserve can provide a high-quality guarantee for translation. 

Since legal translation has high requirements for the personnel team, if you have legal translation Dubai service requirements, you still have to hand it over to a professional translation company. 

Features of Legal Translation Terms

  1. The unity of meaning of legal translation terms

The accuracy of legal language is unquestionable. This is not only a basic requirement of legislation but also a prerequisite for the implementation and operation of legal provisions. Legal translation is also accurate. The most prominent feature of legal translation terms is that the meaning of the word is single and fixed.

The content of each term is a specific legal concept, and when it is used, no other words can be substituted. Every legal translation term has its own specific legal meaning and cannot be changed at will. In addition, a word may have multiple meanings, but as a term, it can only be understood in a specific way.

  1. The relative ambiguity of legal translation terms

In reality, legal language always has relative ambiguity. It is impossible to apply limited legal clauses to all social phenomena and relationships. At the same time, in legal activities, differences in people’s concepts, cognitive background, reasoning methods and the use and understanding of language will cause the legal language to change. 

The ambiguity leaves a certain amount of leeway for the application of legislation and laws. Therefore, some legal translation terms can only be applied under certain prerequisites, and ambiguity will arise outside the specific context and conditions.

  1. The antithesis of legal translation terms

Oppositeness means that the meanings of terms are contradictory and mutually opposed. The concepts represented by the terms have a logically contradictory or contradictory relationship. Such as “general” and “special”, “above” and “below” and so on. In the common national language, such words with opposite meanings or corresponding words belong to the category of antonyms. In legal language, we call them antonyms. 

The reason why it is called this is that in legal work, a group of words that express contradictions, opposites, or opposite legal acts must be used to express various mutually opposing legal relationships. In terms of , this is constant for the English language more info

Types of legal translation Dubai

There are many types of legal translation. Here is a list that may give you an idea:

  • Constitution translation
  • Criminal law translation
  • International law translation
  • Domestic law translation
  • Tort law translation
  • Contract law translation
  • Property law translation, etc.

In addition to the law itself, legal materials are also a category of legal translation. Such as court summons notice, court arbitration translation, result translation, indictment translation and many other types of legal translation

Problems that a legal translation might face: 

First of all, law is a standard document, which has quite formal benefits and regulations. Translators must have a deep understanding of the law before they can translate such documents, such as international law, my country’s constitution, and criminal law. 

legal translation

After you have a full understanding of these, you can ensure high quality by combining the actual languages ​​in the translation. In addition, the translation of legal documents is more comprehensive, and any document may appear, which will test the translator’s translation ability and strength. 

For legal documents, the translation must be careful and correct, and the translation seal and affidavit must be affixed to it before it can be delivered to the court for use. 

What needs the most attention in a legal translation?

Laws are a very important part of each country. Therefore, when conducting various international exchanges, you need to pay attention to the application of relevant laws. This also means that legal English translation has become particularly important. 

After all, the law also involves all aspects, so a series of constraints will be imposed. Then the relevant translators must understand this basic knowledge if they want to do this kind of translation work.

  1. Pay attention to the main features of the law

Generally, the laws of different countries have different characteristics. The most important thing in the laws of our country is the principle of fairness and justice, so in the process of translation, this principle must also be followed. Only in this way can the characteristics of the law itself be reflected. Therefore, relevant legal English translators must understand the various characteristics of the law in order to have a more accurate translation process.

  1. Pay attention to translation taboos

Whether it is legal English translation or legal translation Dubai in other fields, there will be some taboos. One of the biggest taboos is a colloquialism, which seems to have no hierarchy. Generally, laws are linked together, and the language in them is quite concise and rigorous, so when translating, you must not touch the relevant taboos. Otherwise, it will easily cause translation accidents, and ultimately there will be no way to satisfy customers.

  1. Understand the types of legal translation

If you want to have more breakthroughs in legal translation, you must find the relevant types. In terms of written translation, there are generally many types, such as business contracts, foreign trade contracts, confidentiality agreements, etc. These are things that relevant translators can translate. At the same time, interpreting will also involve many aspects, especially in large conferences; interpreters must also play a very important role.

With the knowledge of these aspects, the relevant legal translators can also conduct a comprehensive understanding. We must pay attention to all kinds of details in this. Once there are errors in the translation, all kinds of problems will arise. To make sure you have a smooth legal translation Dubai process, hire professionals to do your work.