Controlling your images is the first step in controlling your webpage download speeds, especially on a mobile device.

On-page SEO factors, such as images, may affect performance. Image optimisation is essential, and having the right image is essential too. But before you think about the technical aspects of search engine optimisation, think about the message your image is portraying. Is it connecting with your audience, is it sending the right message for your particular business, service, or product?

The definition of images can include photos, graphs, info-graphics, and illustrations. Using images makes your site visually appealing, breaks up chunks of text, and they can be used to tell a story. That’s why they matter. If your story is crocodile skin belts and shoes, then you don’t want a picture of an alligator on your webpage. Relevance, trust, and authority matter as much with images as they do with text.

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How images can impact your website

Online shopping aside, for many other businesses images are an essential part of their web presence. Imagine reading a recipe without seeing what the end product looks like. Images are also vital when considering the short attention spans of many users, and visuals should play a role in all digital marketing campaigns.

The shift to visual content marketing means it is important to display images correctly by looking at image size, image tags, and other technical aspects as well as considering the power of effective images and how they transmit your brand and message.

All types of images need to be correctly resized/compressed before they are uploaded to your webpage as it saves time in the long-run. Start with high quality, high resolution images and you won’t lose quality or definition when they are reduced in size. Give each photo a descriptive name (not image one, two, and three) and use the correct file type: Photos should be in jpeg format and graphics in png format.