Finding the Baby Shop in UK

It can be pretty daunting to the first time mom having to think of where I baby shop for these items for a new baby. As going for Baby Shop in UK it has such a vast range of choices in cheap baby clothes UK, from the markets, factory shops. It is really putting it all together and knowing where to start with all this. Of course you will get loads of the initial goodies you need for a newborn, but for the later stages as they grow.

baby clothes uk
baby clothes uk

Small places that abound with a Baby Shop of some kind or other

In all the little towns and dorpies you are going to find a baby shop that caters for babies and kiddies.

I saw this amazing range of baby clothes in a shop in the centre near Jubilee Square in Simonstown with the cuties very African themed body suits (babygrow, onesies). It was called Hooligans Kids Clothing, I checked the website they said you can find outlets of these products all over the world, just find the one nearest you. Quote from the site says that the little garments and exciting finishes to interest the child within, with fluffy mane lions to stringy legged giraffes. The garments are made from 100% cotton, with the embroideries lined inside for protection for your baby. I got to tell you they caught my eye as I walked past the shop, not expecting to see them there, as it is a touristy kind of shop, with African curios and other goodies. I would highly recommend these; it is something that I would buy or baby shop children’s clothes as well.

The little shoes for babies that I saw in some dorpie in the Karoo, these “shooshoos, all made from leather, so soft and comfy. It is a maze of stores like a market almost on the side of the road, with a bar and all kinds of things, women can get lost in there for more than an hour.

The Sunday markets are great to do a baby shop at

We all know the markets that are on Sundays all over UK, you can always find bargains for the whole family. Some have handmade baby grows and all kinds of baby things, you just have to shop around in your area. The one in the waterfront the red shed one has some funky fairy little girl outfits, not to sure on the prices.

Of course there are the factory shops that about everywhere from the Naartjie factory shop in Hout Bay to lots in Ottery, Lansdowne, pretty much everywhere you will find one. They generally have sales on items where you can pick up great bargains.

Of course there is lots of baby shop online if you can’t get out there to shop, shop peacefully online, from Amazon or any of the baby boutiques. Or even get the Tilly and Jasper for babies and kids and shop from them.

For more on factory shops see one of my previous posts for the addresses.

Otherwise have fun with finding all those cheap baby clothes whilst doing a baby shop.