While fashionable women and children are wearing faux fur coats and buying leather goods stenciled to look like crocodile and alligator, the home is fast becoming a preserve for animal print rugs and printed carpet, stenciled leather upholstery, textiles for bed and bath and accessories as diverse as decorative pillows, drawer pulls and life-size sculptures. There is no harm to nature since most of the hides are fake and the animals are mere effigies. The only peril to the home is in taking the look beyond a level of good taste.

Current interest focuses on African, Asian and West Indian patterns that figure heavily in modern design. The use of wild cat motifs also is in keeping with an escalating interest in Art Deco. Remember the black porcelain panther ready to pounce from mantel or table top? Real animal print rug coverings traditionally was for the affluent — some trophies of the hunt — but no more. Animals are protected, and prices for all that’s faux are consistent with carpets and rugs of similar quality. Every designer seems to be using it in some project somewhere; while patterned broadloom has been around for decades, animal prints in machine-made needlepoint and hand-tufted area rugs are new. Many rug makers are marketing leopard print, ocelot, tiger, zebra print rug and antelope skin patterns in broadloom and area rugs. It also has cowhide rugs stenciled to resemble the wild hides that are protected.

animal print rug

As part of the trend toward English colonial furniture design, wild animals are showing up on African-made brass knobs and handles for furniture, cabinetry and doors. Nature calls in today’s bathrooms, too, with a wide range of accessories. You will find wild monkeys appear in decoupage on bathroom wastebaskets and tissue boxes. Water faucet kits come with elephants, panthers, cobras and other animals in relief on the handles. A bathroom sink glazed and fired in a leopard skin motif is available online. The wild animal designs are wilder and more cosmopolitan than the country look with its barnyard animals, and they appeal to people with sophisticated taste.

Now you can even find window treatments and decorative pillows in animal print patterns, but consumers are most likely to find it as a pre-packaged ensemble of sheets, pillowcases, pillow shams and comforter for about $100 in any size.

Catalogs are a good source for animal motifs, too. You can find salad tongs with giraffe handles, and carved wood and stone rhinoceroses, elephants, hippos, zebras, lions and antelopes. Items from the natural world really warm up a room, and custom furniture makers and designers have been using them more often.

Why You Need An Animal Print Rug?

Animal print rugs add to the exotic charm for the space. Of course, you need to see whether the rug would suit the decors of the room. Mismatched animal print rug with the run will mar the show and glamour. It will look like a misplaced thing.

Are Animal Print Rugs Expensive?

Not as expensive as you might think. Sure, the style, patterning, coloring- the whole manufacturing process takes a lot if time. But with the great number of rug retailers online, finding a great deal on an animal print rug is not impossible. It is advisable to never buy smaller animal print rugs. A larger size — altough bold and loud — will normally make a better statment of your personality; a smaller size might be a sign that you are getting too timid in your design outlook. Animal print rugs also make great gifts.

Decorate a kid’s room, toddlers, bedroom, drawing room, work space and others with bright or subtle color schemes. Some animal print rugs can be bought as collage work- they are made of various animal skin designs printed into one. These really look beautiful especially if you place them in a child’s room.

How to Maintain Animal Print Rug?

Just like you would maintain any other rugs and carpets! Clean them often and send them for dry clean always. Home cleaning with water and detergents is a risky option as they tend to take away the glitter and shine, whereas, dry cleaning helps to maintain the shine and softness of your animal print rug.