There are a lot of digestive health supplements on the market today, and it can be overwhelming to try and dig through the shelves of bile tablets, flax seed liquid, and probiotic yogurts. To understand how to choose a digestive supplement, it helps to know a little bit about digestion. The purpose of digestion is to provide the body with those things it can’t manufacture on its own, like certain vitamins, proteins, and all minerals. A properly functioning digestive system has appropriate enzyme levels, low levels of bad bacteria, and a good population of healthy gut flora.

Digestive Health

Better Absorption of Minerals

Intact Digest with Nutri-Mastic is highly ionic and highly photonic which translates into greater absorption of essential minerals. A good digestive supplement will not only support your digestive flora but also provide the minerals your body needs to function and digest food properly. Unfortunately, many people do not get all of the necessary vitamins and minerals in their everyday diet, which is why taking a digestive health supplement is so important.

The History of Mastic

Mastic gum is a classic digestive health supplement that has been used throughout the Mediterranean for centuries to promote good digestion, relieve bloating and constipation, and even freshen breath. In ancient Egypt, it was used as a strong remedy for many digestive disorders. Roman soldiers would take it into battle and rub it into wounds to fend of infections. Columbus even sailed to the new world in search of it. It is the backbone of many digestive health supplements, and with good reason — not only does mastic gum promote good digestion, it actually kills off harmful bacteria while leaving the good ones alone.

What Makes Nutri-Mastic Different?

When combined with a probiotic and a special blend of minerals, like those found in Nutri-Mastic, mastic gum can support absorption of vitamins and minerals more readily into the body and work to its fullest potential, even in very unhealthy digestive systems. The unique blend of mastic gum with verified ionic minerals is what sets Nutri-Mastic apart as a digestive health supplement, and makes it perfect for anyone who needs a little natural digestive help.