Things You Should Know About Lean Six Sigma

The six sigma certification is awarded after an individual’s capabilities required for the specific company are verified. The company has a series of steps defined by which the work power of an individual is measured throughout the work process. If they are up to the mark, a certification is awarded by the concerned authority.

About the Lean Six Sigma certification

The lean six sigma is a procedure used to overview the management approach towards measuring the business performance. Lean sigma and the six sigma combine together to form up the Lean Six Sigma. It is capable of solving complex problems with the help of its management tactics to improve the overall performance of the organization. It is an efficient process with fast improved outcomes. It is a process to develop effective services and ideas for the welfare of the customers and the organization.


Learning the six sigma requires extensive training and efforts. You can go through the training guides available for the exams of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and the International Association for Six sigma (IASSC). The guides contain various links from which you can access major topics and requirements of the exam. Thoroughly reading the guide shall prove fruitful for you to achieve a better result for the six sigma examinations.


The price for the certifications vary around the globe. The institution really matters from which you are obtaining the certification for which you will definitely have to choose the best one amongst the others. You should be aware of the consequences in case of any loss of payment for providing incorrect personal details to the institution.

The International Institute helps you meet to the professional requirements by its extensive training process. The process is conducted according to the Six Sigma principles and methodology. The institute has successfully awarded more than 187,000 certifications all around the world with giving off the Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Belt awards to its customers. They help individuals and companies to sort out their business as well as professional needs.

The registration process is very simple and easy. You can register yourself for the certification online for the required program and an Exam access code will be forwarded to you. Conduct the online exam test at any time and location which you prefer. After you pass the exam, the certification is awarded to you instantly at the online portal. The company offers a 100 percent money back guarantee if you fail to pass the six sigma certification exam.

The program is credible all around the globe as the certification is issued by the International Six Sigma institute. You are not supposed to attend all of the class room trainings and tutorials whereas the institute focuses on self-reading of the professional by himself. The certification has a lifetime validity with endless possibilities in the engineering process. Premium six sigma certification online can also be availed free of cost through the online portal of the institution. This is a helpful resource to pass out your Six Sigma exam.

Lean Six Sigma Objectives

Lean Six Sigma is a new control management system that is winning over every company; this is a combination of the already famous Six Sigma method and Lean manufacturing. Lean production concept is well known for quite some time, while on the other hand Six Sigma training methodology is a rather new concept. Lean Six Sigma uses the best of both worlds to solve problems of a company by identifying the issues in production or services, thinking of an efficient way of solving them and increase the speed and quality of the production/service.

The DMAIC method used when attempting to solve a problem has been proved as a very efficient method that not only identifies the issue but solve it on a whole new level. Lean Six Sigma statistical methodology is used to improve the ongoing process, by implementing small changes that remove the defects from the production or service to improve the overall quality and speed. The overall result of the Lean Six Sigma method brings about a change to the overall quality of performance and success of the company.

While some may say that Lean Six Sigma is only for large corporations this is wrong, in fact it is much better suited for smaller companies as it brings about a change much faster. While Six Sigma tries to do a makeover of the company by bringing about a total change, lean Six Sigma makes small changes to an ongoing process and improves it to its maximum. So the changes can be seen quicker than with Six Sigma methods, and the overall process is much more cost effective.

There are two choices when you decide to go for Lean Six Sigma training, on-site courses and training and online Lean Six Sigma training. Online courses are good for people that are better of doing things on their own pace, but they will still have a time period in which they must finish the course. On-site training courses are classroom based courses that also have their benefits but are a bit more expensive.

The ultimate goal of Lean Six Sigma statistical Methodology and training is the focus on the customers. The company needs to know what the customer in their service or products, as well as the cost of the service and or product and the function. Lean Six Sigma is a great method to keep everything under control, to improve speed of the production and the overall quality as well as to keep the investment and capital requirements at the lowest possible point thus achieving greatest profit.