Are you looking for a perfect meditation bench but don’t know how to find one? We are here at your service. This page will help you find perfect meditation benches so that you can have a peaceful meditation maintaining correct posture.

So if you have recently started with meditation and plan to have a perfect meditation set up meditation benches are a must. Our handmade yoga products like meditation benches help you in maintaining correct posture when you are in deep meditation. It also proves to be of great help to those who have issues with knee pain.

Meditation is usually recommended especially for those who wish to continue the meditation sessions. But cannot do so due to severe knee pain or having difficulties in bending or folding their knees. It can also be used by those who do long meditation for hours. It’s keeping the knees folded for a long time can strain the muscles and the joints of the knees.

But some people still don’t know what meditation benches are. This article will explain everything about meditation bench and how you can find a perfect one for yourself.

What are Meditation Benches?

A meditation bench is a small sitting tool designed for a single person which helps take the pressure off the legs and the knees. Using meditation bench during meditation can help you align your spine and the back and take off the stress from the knees, ankle, and legs. An ideal meditation bench is around 6 to 8 inches in height.

A meditation bench is used to support your ankle and knees. It is very helpful in providing support during an ankle seat such that you test your bottom on the flat platform of your meditation bench. When you are ready in your meditation position, place the bench behind your back just below your hips, so that you can take support on the bench in a kneeling position. Make sure that when you rest your hips into the meditation benches, keep your ankle flat behind you such that the bench is just above your ankle.

Find The Perfect Meditation Benches

When it comes to finding or choosing perfect meditation benches, having a bench of perfect height is all that matters because comfort is what you seek after all during meditation both mental and physically.

Height of the bench: the ideal height of the meditation bench available ranges from 6 to 8 inches. Make sure that the one that you select shouldn’t have too much height as it can put excess pressure on your ankle and the knees and may even stress your spine. If you are shorter, prefer a bench with a short height. Taller individuals can opt for taller meditation beaches.


Meditation benches have been used in meditation practice for hundreds of years. Use meditation benches in your practice to relieve pressure from your ankle and knees. Relax your mind, body, and soul and unwind your discomfort. Start using a meditation bench in your practice.