Even the most experienced dentists will agree that managing a dental practice can be difficult and challenging. It requires paying careful attention to details and organizing several different aspects of the business effectively. However, there are a few management mistakes that can run down your practice – even from the beginning. Here are a few of those mistakes to avoid in your dental practice.

Inadequate Business Planning

As the famous saying goes, “when you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Ensure you have a well-detailed plan for your business before you start. Your business plan should contain how your business structure will be, including financial plans and objectives. You can ask for tips from already practicing dental practitioners in writing a strategy correctly. Alternatively, you can hire a professional to write an excellent dental business plan Chicago.

Poor Billing System

Although proposed billing rates should be part of your dental business plan, several new dental practitioners mistake undervaluing their services. Whether in a bid to attract customers or just out of ignorance, you may devalue the quality of service you offer. Having rates that are “too affordable” is excellent for your patients, but bad for your business. When selecting your business rates, ensure to decide on prices that will benefit both you and your patients. Ensure you work with an excellent dental accountant to determine your billing system and provide you with the best dental business plan in Chicago.

Hiring the Wrong Employees

When hiring employees for your dental practice, endeavor you do a thorough vetting process. Your practice is only as good as the people working in it. Try to do a full professional check on your proposed team members and recruit only those sufficiently qualified.

Also, endeavor you give your staff regular training and updates as they work with you. If your work environment is fluid and all team members are in sync, you’ll have a better practice.

Ignoring Patient Feedback

In a dental practice, always give top priority to your patients’ feedbacks and experiences. The first impression you give a client is crucial to how the client sees you in the future. As a dentist, your first duty is to make the patient feel comfortable by having a friendly countenance, engaging in small talk, having a brightly lit and attractive office area, and so much more.  

Also, listen to what they have to say about their experiences as this can help you know some of your business shortcomings.

Using Outdated Methods

Modern technology is the order of the world right now. No patient wants to use a dentist whose office looks like a museum. Ensure you update your dental equipment and tech when necessary. Using cutting-edge technology for even simpler processes like patient bookings and billing can make your services faster and more accurate.


With effective management, your dental practice will grow at a steady rate and become successful. Before you start, hire an expert to help you write a unique dental business plan in Chicago and watch how your practice becomes successful.