Multilingual services of business translation near me are available in all languages for businesses of all sizes. Therefore, we are helping businesses and institutions from all around the world to get reach, customer engagement and brand awareness. So, they need to flourish in the global market with our new business-to-business solutions as well.

What Is Legal Translation?

Legal translation near me is the most meticulous and delicate type of translation. These documents can only be translated by legal translators who have been approved by the UAE government. Therefore, the majority of litigations necessitate legal translation.

Only your legal documents will be handled by our legal translators, who have decades of experience. In addition, we follow a stringent privacy policy and do quality assurance and proofreading on all legal translations. Moreover, we only let native legal translators handle your documents because the law varies by country.

The foreign affairs ministry, Ministry of justice, education ministry, UAE municipality, and UAE Courts, all banks, and UAE embassies have all approved our legal translations.

Legal Translation Services For Your Business

The demand for commercial translation services develops in tandem with the growth of the economy. Further, the world has recently seen tremendous expansion in a variety of disciplines, particularly investment and the economy. However, new companies are being formed, and partnerships and joint businesses with foreign investors are being formed as well. 

The requirement for honest and top legal translation services in UAE is a crucial aspect of better performing such business transactions concluded among multiple parties of various nationalities, as the translator bridges the linguistic and communication barrier between the various languages.

UAE financial translator 

We can provide precise legal translation services near me for a wide range of business documents, including feasibility analysis, business plans, financial statements, business proposals, action plans, banking agreements, business letters, finance documents, companies’ correspondences, bank statements, and more, thanks to our extensive experience in business translation services and our dedicated, and efficient in-house team of local translators.  

You don’t have to be concerned about your translation anymore; we will be your dependable business translation partner. Moreover, we are a dedicated, dependable, and skilled business translation company

Requirement of legal translation near me in UAE

Only a sworn-in translation can be attested by the Ministry of justice or a notary public. All required attestations and require the Ministry of justice’s or a notary public’s signature. So, only officially attested translations are accepted by the judiciary and all other government authorities in the UAE and abroad. Therefore, the terms attestation and legality are frequently used interchangeably. 

We are a translation firm in Dubai that offers sworn translations that may be attested by the UAE Ministry of justice as well as all other embassies, ministries, consulates, and in UAE. Similarly, legal translation is also known as sworn-in translation, certified translation, approved translation, and other terms in UAE. 

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Things You Need to Know About Legal Translation

Count on our multilingual business services to provide an exceptional customer experience. Furthermore, our highly trained workforce is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from multiple locations throughout the world, and speaks every language. Moreover, satisfy and expand your international customer base. We’re here to assist you with everything from customer acquisition to technical assistance.

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Technical know-how

Without any doubt, we have the technological capabilities to perform any type of legal translation. Moreover, for bespoke legal translation services, this is critical. We’ve raised the standard for the industry by mandating that every legal translator be an expert in the field. We also make certain that they are both lawyers and court interpreters. 

Do you believe it is vital for a legal translator to comprehend not just the content of the words they translate but also the legislation that those words carry? To make things easier for our clients, we include the CVs of our legal translators in the quotations we offer them, so they can see the brains behind the translations.

Projects managers 

Every legal translation project we receive is treated as a project, necessitating the hiring of a project manager. The person who knows everything there is to know about your project. Moreover, our managers have a history of exceeding client expectations, and he is responsible for the quality of legal translation services you require. Therefore, they make sure that deadlines are met and that the work is of high quality.


Nobody needs their legal secrets to be exposed to the general public. Therefore, the last thing a client wants is for his secrets to become public, especially in the legal field. We take an oath of confidentiality and promise never to expose the details of our client relationships. 

We also follow stringent security and privacy policy. We use the most up-to-date data security measures to protect our clients’ information, and we agree to sign translator agreements of confidentiality with them as well.


We cultivate long-term client connections. The majority of our clients return to use our legal translation near me services on a regular basis. It’s critical that we keep their trust by being UAE’s most dependable legal translation firm.