If you have a neck sprain then you might not need to get neck pain treatment Hamilton NJ from a professional. Perhaps other than for a diagnosis. This is a pretty minor problem that will often fix itself on its own. Below, the people from Performance Pain have prepared 5 steps for how you can handle a neck sprain with minimal complications.

1. First Ensure it is a Sprain

A neck sprain is normally a minor form of pain that you can handle from home. However, it is important that you start by getting a full diagnosis from a licensed professional. Your neck is important and you should look out for its health at all costs. If you need neck pain treatment in Hamilton NJ then a licensed professional will be the best reference for you.

2. Do Light Activities That Won’t Involve Your Neck Much

Unless you want to risk making things worse, the best thing you can do while trying to heal your neck sprain is to rest it as much as possible. This means avoiding activities with high loads of contact like sports. Especially if you suspect that an activity like this is what caused your neck to start feeling pain in the first place.

3. Stretch Your Neck Daily

One of the ways that you can lessen any sort of tension is by lightly stretching your neck. Try doing some neck rolls, for example. The idea is to stretch but not force your neck into unnatural positions. This will help you to feel a lot less stiff while recovering from your neck sprain. Try to repeat doing these stretches a few times daily as the strain starts to naturally heal on its own. 

4. Conscious Posture

If you are prone to slouching in your chair, be sure to consciously practice good posture while trying to heal from your neck sprain. Keep your back and neck straight. Try not to bend your neck for long periods. Also, be sure to fall asleep each night in a position where your neck is aligned and fully supported.

5. Ice the Painful Area

Ice is not something that will cure the neck sprain by any means, but it can help quite a bit. Hot packs are another option for you to consider. The idea, though, is to provide some relief to the area where you feel pain. Don’t overdo this, though. At the most, stick to three sessions of 15 – 30 minutes a day.

Think You Need Help with Neck Pain in New Jersey?

If you have followed the steps above to no avail, you may need neck pain treatment in Hamilton NJ to get the problem under control. Here at Performance Pain, we can help you figure out exactly what is going on and get your neck pain back under control naturally. Almost always, there will be no harsh pain medications or surgery required. Come in today to receive a free consultation!